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The Discoveries of Ron Wyatt 

Conference special. Treat your conference to a free 90 minute faith-building presentation on the Arc of the Covenant. It was found by Ron Wyatt (discoverer of Noah's ark, true Red sea crossing, Mt Horeb/Mt Sinai in Saudi Arabia) buried 20 feet under the original site of the cross, hidden there 2500 years ago by prophet Jeremiah during seige of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar. Find out about how the earthquake during Jesus crucifixion opened a crack in the rock between cross and the arc and how Jesus' blood dripped onto the mercy seat fulfilling both old and new covenants. Come and be uplifted; we will fit in with your conference schedule. The presentation is free for Christian conferences although advance booking is essential. To see what others have thought of this presentation, click on the "Guests" tab on the website menu above. Call Doug Meaker at 078 480 1492 or Berachah reception at 022 482 3590 to book your presentation. 

Youth Pastor and Sunday School teachers' Seminar - Done!

8 great speakers spread over 3 days with practical skills and guidelines for you to inspire your church. 23 Sept Monday 10am to 25 Sept Wednesday noon... accommodation, meals and teaching in three star guesthouse - R360 only. Pay on arrival 10am Monday. Phone 022 - 482 3590 now!    Read more...

The Faith Seminar

Then He touched their eyes, saying, According to your faith let it be to you. (Mat 9:29)

The Deliverance Seminar

Guidance and teaching from workers in that ministry. “…and to have authority to heal sicknesses, and to cast out demons. “ (Mar 3:15) 

The Fasting and Prayer Seminar

Come fast three days with us and learn from great speakers why fasting means more power and closer fellowship with God.


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